Plastic Systems was established in 1986 as a specialised company with the aim of being a Leader in Pipeline Technology. The company is part of the Asmuss group of companies (est. 1920), giving us access to a comprehensive range of piping products and systems. We have a team of experienced piping professionals ready to assist with your needs.

This website covers most of the systems we have available
in New Zealand
Please note the following:

  • We also have other products available which are not listed here, and we will be happy to discuss any solutions you require that do not appear to be covered on this site.

  • Our catalogue is a good indication of what we have in stock, for immediate delivery. Please contact us for confirmation on availability or to discuss your project needs.

  • We will assist you with selecting the right products for your needs.

  • We also provide full training and installation support.

  • We have the tools and equipment to ensure the systems go together properly, these are available to purchase or to hire.

If you are unsure of you exact needs, require any assistance or would like to order any products - Please contact Plastic Systems

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