Pipe Connections

Every jointing solution for Polyethylene pipe systems…..

Over the past 25 years Polyethylene (PE) has been increasingly used in Water distribution networks and under pressure sewer pipelines. 

As early as 1996 Plastic Systems has been providing jointing solutions for the early pipe manufacturers, including a butt welding contact for the Stratford power station when there were no active welders in New Zealand.

Today our range is extensive not only for welded fittings, but in mechanical, compression and flanged fittings. The size of our range has increased and new technologies have allowed large bore saddles and self -tapping fittings to become more commonplace.  We supply a wide range of welding machines and all the right tooling to make successful welds.  

We provide technical support and training for our systems as well as being affiliated to Bob Le Hunt certified Polyethylene Welding Courses.

Here is a sample of our extended range:

+GF+ Waga
WANG Stainless Steel Repair Clamps
Plasson Compression Fittings
PE100 Electrofusion & Spigot fittings
Backing Rings & Dressing Sets