Posted date: 13/11/2018


Posted date: 06/09/2018


Asmuss Plastic Systems are proud to announce that we are now the New Zealand Distributor for Varec Biogas equipment.

Varec Biogas offers the most complete line of Biogas Safety and Handling products in the world.

Throughout the biogas industry, the name Varec Biogas remains synonymous with excellence, experience and expertise.

Posted date: 16/05/2018


You will find our May 2018 pricing in the products section of our website 

If you would like a new hard copy catalogue please contact your Territory Manager or email

May Pricelist 2018

Posted date: 18/04/2018

With the new Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel pressing system and a wide, ideally coordinated range of stainless steel materials, seal rings, sizes and fittings, all sanitary and building supply systems can be installed quickly, easily and cost effectively, with visible safety. The pressing tools required for permanently tight connections are, of course, also part of the system.

That’s what we mean by “Know-How Installed”.

Posted date: 20/03/2017

As our range of HDPE  pipe and fittings gets larger; so too does the tools and machines  required to do the job properly.   Big Bore (400mm and larger)  fittings require specialist tools to prepare the pipe and  fittings such as couplers and saddles to create a successful weld.