Dual Containment System Improves Safety For Overhead Pipelines At The Waikato Water Treatment Plant

Watercare Services Ltd
Fletcher Construction
March, 2013
Key Facts
The Waikato Water Treatment Plant is part of the Auckland network and is owned and operated by Watercare Services to provide potable water to the greater Auckland Region. The plant is located on the Waikato River in Tuakau.
The Challenge: 
Part of the recent upgrade was to improve the safety of chemicals conveyed in pipes above walkways and in un-bunded areas. There is a range of chemicals used in water treatment and in the cleaning of the membranes and Watercare Services Ltd wanted to ensure these chemicals could be safely contained, did not cause harm or react if they came into contact with other chemicals. It was important that if leaks were detected they could be isolated, contained and that monitoring could detect leaks at a very early stage. Temporary relocation of the chemical storage area had to be considered so timing of the installation was tight and at short notice.
Our Solution: 
Asmuss Plastic Systems conducted an audit of the site detailing the chemicals being used and a site plan. Together with +GF+ Piping Systems they were able to specify the correct materials to be used & help in the design of a dual containment system using the Contain-It Plus technology.
The system involves +GF+ 63MM OD Metric PVC Inner Pipe with a 110MM PE100 outer. The PVC System would utilise solvent cementing with special chemical resistant Solvents & the PE is connected with Electrofusion technology. The patented Contain it system has specially pre-fabricated elbows, tees and leak detection points this along with the inner pipe spacers makes for a engineered dual containment system that is easy to install and ensures pipeline integrity.