Mechanical Fittings

There are occasions where a mechanical joint is the best option - and when it is, you want a reliable joiner that will last.

The WAGA Plus multi-joint range of pipe couplings offer a mechanical jointing method with end load restraint for all common pipe materials. These so called "large range couplings" are designed to accept an extremely wide variation in pipe size, allowing a single fitting to be used on any common pipe material in a given size. All WAGA items are coated with a special RESICOAT epoxy powder coating for maximum corrosion protection, come standard with unique NBR seals and stainless steel bolts.

WANG clamps are sourced from Wangaratta in Australia and provide an excellent range of Stainles Steel repair and tapping clamps in many sizes

The Gibaults and repair clamps available mean we can provide a solution for almost all requirements, and the expansion joints (Bellows) are an important addition to many pipelines.

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