Chemical Handling

Flow & Analytical Instrumentation - George Fischer Signet

Plastic Systems is the New Zealand agent and distributor for the George Fischer Signet range of flow and analytical technology. GF Signet offers accuracy, dependability, ease of use and minimal... View more

Static Mixers

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Statiflo Brochure


Mapress Crimped 316 Stainless Steel System

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Pipe Clips, Spacers, Backing Rings & Dressing Sets

Asmuss Plastic Systems offers a complete range of pipe clipping and spacing solutions, along with backing rings to suit all common piping systems, including PE, PVC, ABS and PP-R. Our range... View more

PVC Schedule 80 / CPVC Schedule 80 - GF Harvel & Spears

We have a variety of PVC systems available for you, suitable for water through to mixed chemical conveyance, depending on your requirements. Please contact us for a recommendation, and to assist... View more

Metric PVC-u - George Fischer Industrial

The +GF+ Metric PVC-U system is designed or industrial applications and is commonly used to convey chemicals, aggressive media and water. This European product range is produced from high quality... View more

IPS Solvent Cements

IPS is the industry leader, opffering the most complete line of solvent cements commerically available. Each WELD-ON formulation has been developed for a specific application. Asmuss Plastic... View more


PFA is a flexible tube system jointed with a specially designed mechanical fitting range. PFA is resistant to almost all chemicals and is ideal for dosing lines. Although similar to PTFE (Teflon)... View more

Industrial Valves - George Fischer

We have a wide range of valves to suit your needs, from isolating valves for water through to control valves for chemical applications. Valves can be manual or actuated and we also offer... View more

Dual Containment

Dual Containment Systems consist of an outer protective pipe, into which the medium conveying inner pipe is integrated. The space in between is used to detect leaks or to stabilise the temperature... View more