Chemical Handling
Industrial Cooling & Refrigeration
Water Treatment

Chemical handling for industry is an area of specialisation for Plastic Systems. The correct material selection and installation are critical for a successful system, as is having a full range of pipes, fittings, valving and instrumentation available.

The selection of plastic (corrosion resistant) piping for cold applications is limited by the failure mode of many materials at low temperatures. We can offer a solvent welded or fusion welded alternative depending on your needs. Typical uses are cooling lines to manufacturing equipment or Brine / Glycol lines in food production.

Water treatment is an important function for many areas of activity in New Zealand. Potable water, and treatment for municipal swimming pools are vital in the civil environment, and industrial processes require De-ionised, De-mineralised or filtered water for many applications. Clean feed water is required for Brine solutions, scrubbers, chemical production, or power generation to name a few.

Water purity is critical in applications such as medical dialysis, medicine production, semi conductor production and laboratory water. We can provide systems that provide Type II or even Type I Ultra-pure water by using Infra-red or Bead and Crevice free welding.