Civil Infrastructure

Pump Stations
Reticulation / Pressure Systems

The benefits offered by polyethylene (PE) piping systems has seen this become the material of choice for many watermain and gas distribution systems as well as the country’s sewer and stormwater networks. Plastic Systems has supported this trend over the last 20 years and offers a full range of products, training and expertise to this market.

Sluice and gate valves are an important part of a distribution pipeline – regardless of the material type of pipe. Quality valves at competitive prices are available from Plastic Systems. Pump stations require robust, corrosion resistant piping, and plastic pipework has the added advantage of lower weight which significantly helps during installation. In the rural market we provide a range of product types for irrigation and water supply. Through our group of companies we can also offer specialised products such as lightweight Butt-weld metal fittings and frost-free valves.