Pipe Clips, Spacers, Backing Rings & Dressing Sets

Asmuss Plastic Systems offers a complete range of pipe clipping and spacing solutions, along with backing rings to suit all common piping systems, including PE, PVC, ABS and PP-R. Our range includes the George Fischer 061 pipe clips and 061H spacers and Double Bolt clamps, as well as the Durapipe Cobra Clips.

Our backing rings come in Galvanised Steel, Nylon Coated Steel, 316 Stainless Steel and we also carry a range of Polypropylene backing rings. We stock AS 4087, ANSI 150 and DIN drilling patterns, as well as the older Table D and Table E drillings.

Our Dressing Sets are available with locally-made full-faced EPDM gaskets with options for Galvanised or Stainless Steel fasteners. Stainless Steel bolts come with Moly-bonded nuts.