Posted date: 12/10/2017


Plastic Systems will be phasing out the IPS724 grey solvent cement and replacing it with the orange version. The two types of cement have the same properties, however there is growing demand for the orange version to provide evidence that the correct jointing cement has been applied in industrial and hazardous environments.


Posted date: 20/03/2017

As our range of HDPE  pipe and fittings gets larger; so too does the tools and machines  required to do the job properly.   Big Bore (400mm and larger)  fittings require specialist tools to prepare the pipe and  fittings such as couplers and saddles to create a successful weld.

Posted date: 29/09/2016

In 2016, Plastic Systems is proud to celebrate our 25th year of doing business in New Zealand.

Derek Brickell started the company in 1991 with a vision of introducing specialist plastic products into the New Zealand market. Since then, we have grown in leaps and bounds, pioneering the use of several materials and processes along the way.

Posted date: 02/08/2016

Every jointing solution for Polyethylene pipe systems…..

Over the past 25 years Polyethylene (PE) has been increasingly used in Water distribution networks and under pressure sewer pipelines. 

As early as 1996 Plastic Systems has been providing jointing solutions for the early pipe manufacturers, including a butt welding contact for the Stratford power station when there were no active welders in New Zealand.

Posted date: 10/06/2016

With local and reigonal authorities around the country revoking their acceptance of Gunmetal style tapping bands for PE watermains, a Watermark approved alternative was required quickly. With our long-standing relationship with Plasson, Asmuss Plastic Systems was able to acquire the Plasson "Tapper" Compression saddle to bring a high quality and cost-effective solution to market.

The Plasson "Tapper" Compression saddle carries the following approvals.